Famously referred to as ‘The Switzerland of India’ by Mahatma Gandhi, Kausani, is a quaint and peaceful little town perched on a hill offering panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks, Trishul, Panchchuli, and Nanda Devi. The people of Kausani are predominantly from the Kumaoni and Garhwali communities. It has an average elevation of 1,890 m (6,200 ft) above mean Sea Level. Kausani lies atop a ridge amidst dense pine trees overlooking beautiful valleys. Showcasing the natural beauty of the alpine hills, the bubbling creeks and the snowy Himalayas, the tiny hamlet of Kausani is truly a ‘nature lover’s paradise’. Here, the day unfolds with the melodious chirpings of the playful birds and ends with the sweet lullaby of the gentle winds.

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